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ke, 16 May 2018

[ essay  ]

The company invited me to do a training crouse about the software’s quality, it’s an old topic every project book talk about it, every quality master discuss it, the cmmi and agile process have such a huge practices about it, what should i do about it? maybe i just list what i thought is important for the quality and what’s wrong with our modern software development process.

  • the passion
    i think most of us going to the industry is because we love this, we love the feel of change something through the finger.if you have this feeling, then you are good damn of it

  • daily meeting
    three questiones to figture out:
    1. what did you do yesterday?
    2. what are you going to do today?
    3. Do you need some help?(is there something to stuck the process?)
    the most important thing in a project is the Team have the whole and same piction. whatever u do is keep everybody in the same line. we use KANBAN to do this thing. see the follow:

everybody know a week’s task, they know each other’s job and can adjust the day of work to coodinate others.

  • Retrospective Meeting

  • productivity tools
    just one button of work
    build + static check + auto deploy + auto test

it’s great to use productive tools make the team efficiency. click one button and it’s done! build, code static scan, deploy, auto test, the developer and QA love to do the job smoothly. it’s saving a lot of time. do not do the same thing manually.
we need to be ‘lazy’ as possible as we can.

  • mysterious of code review
    let’s list some research material:
 Code review rates should be between 200 and 400 lines of code per hour.Inspecting and reviewing more than a few hundred
  lines of code per hour for critical software (such as safety critical embedded software) may be too fast to find errors.
  Industry data indicates that code reviews can accomplish at most an 85% defect removal rate with an average rate of about 65%.  

-quote by wiki

Most of research about code review reveal that it is the most efficient way to improve software quality, but why most of the orgnization in our nation not do it well?

the reason i think is counter-intuitive, kpi-oriented, and deadline. im the prefession developer, i reading others boring code and 200~400 per hour, do not have any advanced for the project yet. the trash i just read belong to the other code monkey, it’s none of my bussiness. i have lots of features not done yet, i will coding my own code, meet the deliver time, go to the hell the other’s code!

  • focus and cooperate trade off

    programming need

  • Process Capability Baseline
    the lack of data

  • be aware of technism

  • hurry, not rush
    Deliver the software to the market, we need to be hurry, but donot rush, if you rush, the software definite to be…

  • They are not nerd, they are geeks
    They can drive plane, they can play instrument, they are artisit.